Putting Quality into Quality Overhead Door


As a small family owned company, we have always maintained the motto, "treat your customers like you would treat your family". This to us means treat them with respect and honesty. It is easy to incorporate quality into our products, because we only stand behind the most reputable manufactures in the market. Just like other manufactures, there are some that are cheaper and obtain less quality, but in order to promote a reputable company, we believe that you need to have a strong team behind you. Not only do we carry strong relationships with Quality manufactures, we also stand behind the quality of work we put into are installations and service. We only hire experienced garage door installers and technicians that have more than 5 years of both residential and commercial garage door experience. It's extremely rare if we have to train an employee on garage door service and installation, unlike MANY other garage door companies in the valley. Many of these franchise companies are hiring sales representatives and training them for weeks at a time on how to sell to their customer. These employees do not know how to service your garage door and operator correctly. Sure, it might seen basic, but this is how customers are getting ripped off. There is not an employee we have not hired that I would not send to a family members house. For over 20 years, we have stood behind our family business morals and ethics, because it is the only fair way to run a company. 

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