How to Get That old Car out of Your Garage

As you know, fewer and fewer people can use their garage for their car because they use it as storage. Garage door repair often entails repairing a garage which has been damaged by boxes or other stored materials falling or blocking the garage door opener components.

But, sometimes what is in the garage is a car that the homeowner finally decides to let go.

Everyone has a different take on selling the old car. Some people can’t unload that old dog fast enough. Others feel like they’re giving away a spouse. But, regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, there are legal and fiscal considerations which you need to address. Here we review those items, so you know your role in the sales process.

Sold notice to ADOT

Here is a handy link to the form you need to fill out when you sell your car. Do this when you have the money in hand. By filling out the sold form, you relieve yourself from any future mishaps involving the vehicle. For example, if it’s used as a getaway car in a bank heist, you can be charged as an accessory if you didn’t fill out the form. You can be charged a $500 fee if the new owner abandons it. You’re responsible for any accidents or tickets involving the car. So, *click* yourself out of trouble by filing the sold notice!

Make sure you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your driver’s license number when you fill it out.


You’ll need a notary when you sign the back of the title. Most banks have a notary. Your bank may even let you use theirs for free.

License plate


Remove the license plate from the car. You’ll need a screwdriver or whatever version the screws on the plate require. Remember--lefty loosey, righty tighty. So, since you’re removing the plate, turn the screws to the left.

Give the title to the buyer

This one is easy. Stick out your hand with the title in it. But, if it had a lien on it, you also have to hand over a lien release, meaning you need to get that lien release before the sale.

Get a refund

If you notify MVD within thirty days, you can get a refund on any remaining months left on the plate. You don’t want to leave that money lying on the table! Also, if you purchased another vehicle at that time, you can ask them to transfer the plate credit from the old car to the new one.

Donating your car

If you offer your car to a charity as a donation, the steps are the same. The most important thing you do is fill out the sold notice. Do it right away.

Once you sell the old car, you’ll have plenty of room in your garage for the current car. If you have a garage door in need of repair which you haven’t gotten around to calling a garage door repair company because of the old car, why not do that now? We’d be happy to help!

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