How to Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here, and one of the things a homeowner does not want is for the garage door to fail during the throes of our Phoenix Valley’s blistering heat. So, we are recommending all of our customers get their garage ready for summer with a few simple but essential tasks.

Clean it up!


Since many people have a garage which faces the street and represents a large portion of what people see from the curb, a clean garage can give your whole house a brighter look. This would be a fabulous weekend to wash your garage door--but don’t pressure wash it If you have a metal door, you can use a little car washing soap or mild dishwashing detergent, a car wash sponge, and a lot of elbow grease. Please don’t use anything abrasive, Do both the outside and the inside of the door. Pay particular attention to problem areas such as the weatherstripping around the sides and top of the door — dry everything with a soft cloth.

If you have a wood door, follow the manufacturer's directions. If you don’t, it could void the warranty on the door, and you don’t want that.

Safety tests and lubrication

Once the door is clean, perform the periodic safety tests. We have covered those in a previous blog and you can see that here.. The same blog explains how to oil the moving parts: which parts you should and should not lubricate. This would be an excellent time to lubricate everything.

Take a moment to check for things around the parts of the garage door and opener which could potentially fall or get knocked over and damage the door. If anything looks too close, take a moment and move it out of the way. It’s better to err on the side of caution.

Check for wear

As you go through the safety tests and lubrication, keep a sharp eye out for signs of wear, including the cables, pulleys, rollers, and hinges. Listen as the door opens and closes for any unusual sounds, odd jerking or pausing. Examine the weatherstripping and replace any worn or damaged pieces. Not only will it protect the garage from dirt and bugs, but it will also help keep the heat out.

Get repairs performed

If you notice anything which needs to be repaired or want us to perform a repair, give us a call. We can also do an inspection and maintenance check on your garage door. By having those maintenance and repairs done before summer, you can prevent an operating problem during the hottest part of the year and save time and aggravation.

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