Is a Garage Door Malfunction an Emergency?

Our garages treat us well, protecting not only our car, but also the adjoining door to the house, and, often, hobbies, stored possessions, and sometimes laundry facilities. When the garage door fails, it can cause a transportation and security nightmare. But not always. Today we’re going to review some situations and explain what a homeowner should be concerned about during a garage door malfunction.

Garage door stuck open


A garage door stuck in the raised position is an immediate security issue, especially if the homeowner can’t get the garage door closed. It could be possible to secure it by closing manually, but that isn’t always the case. A garage door should also never be disconnected from the garage door opener if it’s in the open position.

Garage door stuck shut (car inside)

When the car is in the garage, and the garage door is stuck closed, this becomes a transportation problem. If the homeowner can get the garage door open, they may not be able to get it closed, which represents a security problem.

Garage door stuck shut with the car outside

This is nothing more than an inconvenience unless the homeowner no longer carries a key to the front door, in which case if there isn’t another key to be had, a locksmith will need to be called.

The emergency cord

The emergency cord will release the garage door from the garage door opener in the event of a power failure or other situation during which the automatic door can’t be used. It’s critical never to disconnect the garage door if it’s in the raised position.  If the spring is broken, disconnecting a garage door which is in the raised position will cause it to come crashing down. Not only will it destroy anything beneath it, but it could also damage the garage door itself beyond repair. If there is a problem with the garage door or opener, and the garage is in the raised position, please don’t use the emergency cord to release the garage door from the door opener. Just call a garage door expert, and they should send a technician right away.

Knowing the difference between what constitutes a garage door or transportation emergency, and what is merely inconvenient will help a homeowner to be able to get his priorities in order without feeling like he’s at the mercy of the situation unless that is truly the case. We always want for the homeowner to feel confident that he owns his technology, not that his technology owns him. Knowing what is an emergency and what isn’t is part of what puts a homeowner in control.

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