Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door

Remember our last blog when we talked about signs you need your garage door repaired? While many of the reasons a garage door needs repair may also indicate it needs replacement, there are reasons beyond those which mean it’s time for a new door. As an extension of the repair post, we’re going to offer some reasons you might need a new garage door.

It’s old


Replace a garage door when it gets near the end of its lifespan. Newer garage door models feature excellent options such as more economical operation, better safety, quieter performance, and Smart choices offer a better value for the money than ever before. Old doors can’t compete with the functions and economy of new doors.

It’s unattractive

An ugly or dated door will drag down the value of the property and make the homeowner unhappy. Replacement is optimal if the homeowner is selling their home and curb appeal suddenly becomes an issue.

The old door becomes damaged

Once in a while, someone will crash into their garage door, or storm winds or other accidents will damage it. Sometimes, a DIY gone wrong will damage a garage door beyond repair, too, which is why we don’t recommend you do more than the yearly safety test. Beyond that, the smaller bumps and dings will eventually make a new garage door a reasonable investment.


The newer technology which has evolved for garage doors offers an awful lot of security and control for the more modern garage doors. As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, chain drives usually have wifi built into them. The kids may be old enough that you want to add a keypad or other features, as well.

Too many repairs or hard use

The number of repairs is a sign of the age of the door and amount of ‘minimal’ damage which may all contribute to a repetition of repairs. Eventually, even the most patient of homeowners will tire of repairing a garage door and decide to replace it.

Higher utility bills

Within the last five or ten years, insulation of garage doors has improved dramatically. The energy efficiency of a garage door can have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of the home, even if the garage isn’t heated or cooled. The effect of an insulated garage door will be particularly noticeable if the garage faces south or west or if there is living space above it. Sometimes a customer will ask us for a new garage door because they’re trying to get their energy usage under control, and would rather have a better garage door than a higher utility bill.

Regardless of the reason a homeowner decides to replace their garage door, it will also require a garage door opener. We offer an assortment of doors and openers in many different types and styles. We will work with you to make sure you get the best garage door and opener for your situation.

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