Custom Garage Doors

One of our biggest accomplishments in this industry is the custom garage doors that we manufacture right here in house. Like many other things, this was something we started about 15 years ago and have been manufacturing them the same way, for the same custom home builders or homeowners. As time went on, other garage door companies decided to pick this same trait up and manufacture their own. We see if everyday in everything that we buy, people learn to make a product and make is cheaper than their competition. When it comes to wood overlay garage doors, the last thing you want is to have this door manufactured at the cheapest rate you can get it. Garage door companies in the valley have made this even more competitive by doing just that. However, we refuse to build our wood sided doors on residential sections, residential hardware, and cheap wood. We are not the cheapest, but we are also not the most expensive either. Please do your research when wanting to purchase a custom wood sided garage door, and make sure that you get specific details on their production. Again, it's in our name, Quality over Quantity every time!

The doors below are our most recent sets of custom doors we just manufactured and install last week. As you can see they were taken right after installation and before staining. 20x8 and 10x8 custom wood sided garage doors.