Top 3 Scams

In any service industry, every consumer should be aware of scams that a company is capable of performing. In the Garage Door industry, there are too many tail-gaiters and franchise's in Arizona that have made their living off scamming their customers. As a family owned garage door business in Gilbert, Arizona we have put together the top 3 scams you should look out for when dealing with a local garage door company:

1. Low Prices for Service Calls- Scam companies know that a desperate customer is their best consumer. Be wary of a low upfront service call feel, that is used to real the customer only to find out later they hit you with larger costs.

2. Coupons- Garage door companies here in the valley are notorious for mailer coupons. They will market a low price for their products, but there is a fine print that you should look out for. "Service and Labor no included". Make sure when calling around, you get the price of the part, the service, and the labor for a complete and accurate price. 

3. Company Name- Keep an eye out for generic or confusing names, especially ones in ads that don’t match their company’s website. Scam companies will use an Ad that latches on to a companies name in order to benefit from our hard earned reputation.  For this reason, we always encourage our customers to play close attention to the name and website of the repair company they are choosing.