Complying with HOA Garage Door Rules

If you have an HOA overseeing your neighborhood, you know they have definite rules about many aspects of your home. One of the things they have jurisdiction over is the maintenance of your garage door. Here are some of the things an HOA may insist a homeowner to do to maintain their garage door:



Condominiums and gated communities often have garage doors which are of a similar design. If you decide to replace your garage door, check with your HOA to determine your replacement options. Once the new garage door is in place, the last thing anyone wants is to have the HOA tell them the new door violates HOA rules.

Garage maintenance

Many HOA’s demand that residents keep the garage door in a clean and presentable condition. Chipped, peeling or faded paint, dents, cracked or broken windows, and other cosmetic damages are disallowed. Some HOA’s go so far as to demand a homeowner have ventilation for the interior of the garage to prevent the buildup of poisonous gases from running vehicles. 

Up or down?

Other HOAs have regulations about the function of a garage door. Some demand that a garage door should open and close smoothly and without excessive noise at all times. Many insist that the door be kept closed except during use. In one ironic and since-overturned case, an HOA demanded that homeowners leave their garage doors open from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

Their ruling included the threat of a $200 fine. It was implemented as the result of a homeowner allowing people to live in their garage. One wonders why they didn’t simply create a rule against living in the garages, but we digress.

Managing the rules

To keep things simple, have your garage periodically maintained by a professional garage door company. Not only will regular maintenance set you away from the potential wrath of the HOA, but it will also prevent mishaps due to failed maintenance. 

Keep a copy of the HOA rules handy and refer to it carefully before and during the processes of painting, repairing, and replacing your garage door. By understanding the expectations of an HOA, you can avoid the disappointment of inadvertently violating the rules. If you are uncertain about the meaning or have questions about the details of the regulations, ask your HOA in writing. Do so before beginning any modifications to the existing garage door.

Your garage door company wants your garage door repairs and upgrades to be approved by the HOA. We understand that you have rules to follow and will help you get your garage door into compliance in the event there is an issue.

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