MyQ Smart Remote Garage Door Control

The game is on in Smart automation, which has now met up with garage door technology. As a result, it’s possible to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Smart technology is an incredibly handy means to control your garage door and enhance the general security of your home. But how safe is it? What can it do?


Apps like MyQ from Liftmaster offer the homeowner complete control over who can and can’t access the garage. Each door requires a control panel (about $55), but only one internet gateway is needed and only if you want to use the app. Although the MyQ control panel is a Liftmaster manufactured device, it’s also compatible with both Chamberlain and Craftsman by Sears brands built after 1998. It can be retrofitted for these garage doors if they are already installed. The MyQ control panel is currently the only one which offers this technology without the capacity to be hacked.


Because so many families use the garage door as their primary home entry door, the convenience of making it a Smart-controlled option is unsurpassed. It’s much easier to carry a phone than it is to a garage door opener, and it’s available for use by multiple family members, as well. Control can be delegated to other parties when necessary.


Since it’s possible to open the garage door and lock the adjoining home entry door, a homeowner can open the garage for a friend or family member who needs access to the garage. The adjoining door between the garage and house can be locked, if necessary.

Even Amazon is getting in on package security by offering eligible Prime users the opportunity to link their MyQ account to their Amazon Key account. It enables Amazon to ensure secure package delivery. Meanwhile, the recipient can monitor the process from a linked cell phone.


There are other, less obvious benefits of knowing who has used the garage door and being able to control the garage door. One is the peace of mind a homeowner receives from knowing who is coming and going in his absence. He won’t have to wonder if his package is safe, if his wife beat him home, or even if the garage door is open or closed. Because the app keeps him informed, he already knows. Some other handy features which can be added to this technology are a motion-sensor light, timed light, and camera.

All of this technological excellence depends heavily on the garage door being in good working order. If your garage door requires maintenance, repair, or even replacement, make an appointment. Also, while the MyQ control panel is easy for the average person to install, if you’d like it installed by an expert, we can do that, too. Just give us a call.

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